JW Handbook

Printable Student Handbook

Dear JW Student,

We are pleased to welcome you as a member of the John Witherspoon Middle School community. This student handbook will give you information about the programs, policies, and procedures in place at JW; it will serve to help make your middle school experience both positive and rewarding. Every student and his/her parents should read and review this book carefully during the first week of school in September (as well as at different intervals during the school year) so that all opportunities and expectations are made clear to everyone for the remainder of the school year.

John Witherspoon will be focused upon creating a place of Caring during the 2018-19 school year. When we take the time to care about ourselves and others our school will be a more united and friendly environment. By focusing on Caring, we are better prepared to keep our school free from all types of bullying and harassment. Further, it is our mission to ensure that each student enjoys a safe and successful school year, and that our students feel joy and purpose in coming to school each day.

Throughout the school-year we will send home daily announcements that will contain important information about clubs, sports, and special activities. School announcements will be made twice daily – once during the homeroom period and during the last period of the day. Students are expected to pay full attention to what is being said each time. Additionally, the school disseminates other pertinent information when necessary, and sends report cards quarterly. You can monitor all school work and assessments more frequently by making sure that parents have a PowerSchool log-in and password. All teachers maintain a gradebook that may be viewed at any time, ensuring that families are continually informed about your progress in school. Parent/Teacher Conferences will also be scheduled during the year as to continue to encourage a home-school connection. Any parent who would like a conference in November, will be able to participate; conferences are also offered throughout the year and by request to your child’s school counselor.

Please remember:

  • To respect yourself, other students, teachers, administrators and staff. Take pride in your school and your schoolwork.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility and obligation to make sure this school is kept clean and neat. We share classrooms, bathrooms, computer equipment etc. Treat these areas respectfully; Please take care of your belongings. Students may not leave trash on tables or on the floor, and they are expected to help clean up the cafeteria before leaving the area. This includes engaging in the proper recycling practices.

  • Students are expected to be in their classrooms and prepared to learn at the proper times. We are concerned about the health, safety and well-being of all students, and we must work together to continue to make JW a place where the focus is not only on teaching and learning, but also a place of friendship and caring.

Finally, know that you are always welcome to talk to your teachers, school counselors, Mr. Burr or Ms. Harkness with any questions or concerns. We are here to help.


Mr. Burr and Ms. Harkness