Mahatma Gandhi Art & Writing Contest 2018
Posted on 05/16/2018
Association of Indians in America Mahatma Gandhi Art & Writing Contest 2018

Association of Indians in America – South Jersey (AIA-SJ) invites all New Jersey middle and high school students to submit their original work, written or art, based on the following quote: 

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

This year, AIA-SJ will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi contest. Over these years, several thousand students from middle and high schools have participated in the competition and the AIA-SJ has recognized hundreds of them for their outstanding work in interpreting and expressing Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas to make us better citizens and our world a better place to live.

AIA-SJ is one of the oldest associations representing Indian-Americans in the United States. AIA-SJ is a not for profit organization committed in spreading Gandhi’s message of peace, non-violence and racial harmony. Please visit for additional information.

Mahatma Gandhi Art & Writing Contest 2018 Key Guidelines and Rules for Participation:

• The contest is open to ALL Middle and High School students from New Jersey.
• Entries must be submitted on the attached form duly signed by a teacher or the guidance counselor.
• Art Entries must be at least 12 inches by 18 inches and should also have:
a. A title of the work.
b. A short statement in 50-100 words how the work relates to the stated theme.
c. A short description of the medium used like oil on canvas, crayons, etc.
d. The Entry Form and a sheet protector, secured with masking tape to the back of the artwork. Do not tape over the opening of the sheet protector.
• The Essay must not exceed 500 words and the Poem maximum 300 words.
• Last date for mailing entry is June 15, 2018. Entries post marked beyond deadline will not be evaluated.
• All entries will become the property of AIA-SJ and will not be returned to the participants.
• AIA-SJ reserves the right to utilize these entries in AIA-SJ publications, news media, public displays or in the libraries.
• Cash awards ranging from $250 to $50 will be awarded to the highest rated entries in each category for both Middle & High School participants.
• A total of up to 30 selected contestants will be recognized and will be required to attend the award ceremony, tentatively scheduled for October 7, 2018 at Princeton University. A formal announcement with all details will be sent to the winners, one month before the ceremony.

AIA-SJ Contest Entry Form